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Besides the wonderful taste, figscan provide many health benefits which positively affect the overall health.Fruit is a healthy part of one’s daily diet because of the amazing nutritionalproperties. Fig is one of many types of fruit which helps with many ailmentsbecause it’s very rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins A and Band calcium, manganese and iron. Figs are set apart from other fruits by thefact that they can get spoiled much faster than the others. Figs often getdried because they deteriorate very easily but even when dried theirnutritional value does not decrease.

Figs are rich in fiber andcalcium which strengthens the bones improves their density and prevents thedevelopment of osteoporosis and similar diseases. Figs are very helpful inrelieving painful bowel movement and constipation. Figs are also a great sourceof certain types of essential fatty acids which prevent the heart from variousdiseases. These properties also come in handy in preventing cancer and certaininflammatory diseases.

Figs are very rich in potassiumwhich is great for keeping the blood pressure levels low. They also have verylow levels of sodium which is another beneficial factor for the prevention ofhigh blood pressure. They are also efficient in preventing and managehypertension, due to the aforementioned properties. Figs are a great source offiber and it is one of their most important health benefits. Pectin from thefigs lowers the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and lowers the risk ofvarious cardiovascular problems and conditions. Pectin absorbs the badcholesterol which in turn later on gets eliminated out of the body.

Another important beneficialfactor is the ability of protecting the colon from a large number of diseases.Figs maintain a healthy bowel functioning and protect the colon from cancer aswell. Figs also maintain an optimal health of the eyes because they areextremely rich in vitamin A. They prevent the deterioration of eyesightthat usually comes gradually with age. Figs have amazing antioxidantproperties. Phenols and flavonoids can be found in figs in large quantities andthey are very beneficial in slowing down the process of aging. They can providea glowing skin and good eyesight even in older age.

All the aforementioned healthbenefits can only be obtained if one consumes figs on a regular basis. Figs areseasonal so they cannot be purchased throughout the year, but one can alwaysopt for dried figs as a substitute.

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