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Cat Incompatible

Many people are allergic to cats. Mostof them are not aware of this fact and do not know how to recognizethe symptoms. Rather, they suffer from them daily mistaking them fora cold or some other disease being affected by their furry frienddaily. Moreover, some people decide to suffer due to their child'sdesire for a feline. Whichever the reason might be, there are peoplewho should not be near cats, due to many possible side-effects.Causes and symptoms of cat allergy should be known, and able to berecognized timely, in order to avoid discomfort and complicationsthis condition may bring.

Reasons Behind Cat Allergies

Even though the main reason behind catallergies are cats themselves, their hair should not be blamed, as itis often the case. What triggers the allergic reaction in humans arecertain substances in cat saliva, excrements and urine, as well asdry skin particles they shed around one's dwelling. Organism of aperson allergic to cats perceives these substances as harmful,triggering all the reactions in order to avoid contacting them. Mostpet allergies are connected to cats, and, regardless of what peoplesay, any given type of cat may be the cause of your organism goingwild.

Manifestation of a Cat Allergy

First of all, once in contact with theabove mentioned, cat-related, substances, an allergic person mayexperience difficulties in breathing. Hives, redness or rashes mayappear wherever a cat had contact with this person. Finally, eye,nose and throat irritation is present as well.

All of these allergic reactions getmanifested right after being exposed to cats. Nevertheless, some ofthem may get experienced several hours after being in contact withthis animal. Before jumping to any conclusions, once these symptomsoccur, it is best to seek medical opinion. Your doctor will conductsome tests in order to see if you are allergic or not, recommendingpossible treatment afterwards.

Treating a Cat Allergy

Firstly, your doctor may prescribe yousome anti-allergy medications, suiting your purposes. Do not buythese on your own and make sure you follow the correct instructionsfor their usage.

Secondly, avoiding cats will be ofgreat assistance. Do not visit people who have cats. Also, make sureyou do not get in physical contact with these people. Avoid sleepingover at places where cats are dwelling as well. Taking intoconsideration that this may be very hard, especially if you or yourfamily members already own and cherish a feline, make sure you followthe following pieces of advice.

Avoid the cat and keep it outdoors asmuch as possible. Make sure the cat is dwelling in separated parts ofyour house, parts which you can avoid easily. Moreover, never let acat enter, let alone sleep in your bedroom. Finally, make sure theair inside your house is fresh and clean at all times, dusting,wiping floors, and furniture on a daily basis.

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