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A lot of women who are under stress usually have problems to achieve conception. Stress highly influences hormone levels and other sensitive systems and that has a huge effect on a woman’s ability to conceive. Infertility problems cause stress by itself. However, women need to know that there are ways they can deal with that stress.

In many cases, infertility and stress always occur together since infertility causes stress and the other way around. Women who spend a lot of time trying to conceive without success begin to doubt and all sorts of thoughts come creeping into their minds. Nowadays, almost every person lives a stressful life and that does not help. A person who knows that stress influences her ability to get pregnant will put even more pressure on herself.


This is considered to be a big problem because it interferes with a person’s wish to start a family. For a vast number of couples conception is probably the most stressful issue they can deal with. In most cases it is accompanied with isolation. Certain people even experience guilt in these situations.

Stress that comes from knowing that a woman is not able to conceive can seriously affect her health. How long it lasts and how severe the stress is will determine the amount of damage. Nowadays, it is pretty hard to avoid stressful situations.

Two types of stress

Acute stress is one of the types of stress. It is the type that is short lasting and provoked by a certain situation. For instance, in flight or fight situations the body will release adrenalin and some other substances in order to be prepared. Chronic stress is the other type. Chronic stress can last for days, weeks and even months in some situations.

Both these types of stress have a number of negative effects on the fertility and general health. Too much stress in women can severely affect the communication between the brain and other organs that are of most importance for the aspect of conception. Hormonal imbalance is a very possible outcome.

Apart from that, stress is known to cause problems with the cardiovascular system in both men and women. It does not influence pregnancy directly but it can reduce sex drive. Men also suffer because of stress-induced infertility. This kind of stress can affect the hormones which are responsible for the sperm count.

There is no doubt that stress is bad for people who want to conceive. That is why people need to take a good look on their lifestyle and introduce some changes that will reduce the amount of stress they are being exposed to.

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