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There are several well known causes of infertility, and they are PCOS, endometriosis, tubal blockages, failure to ovulate, sperm issues such, including sperm count, sperm quality and sperm motility. Additionally, there are also non-medical or better said non-physical factors that fail to be shown with conventional medical tests such as blood test or during exploratory surgery. Nevertheless these factors can stop a couple having the baby they so desire. Sometimes, hormones can be a reason a couple experiences problems when trying to conceive. These hormones are so finely balanced that conventional testing often shows they are appearing within normal ranges since they cannot detect so small hormonal imbalance, which can be responsible for preventing ovulation in women and can stop production of healthy sperm in men.

Compression of organs is another quite uncommon reason couple might experience problems when trying to conceive. In healthy person internal organs are positioned with little room for manoeuvre, which in case of inflammation can results in a major difference. For example, a constipation, which is a very common occurrence can cause colon to be filled with waste and therefore swell. Since the part of the colon in women works around the uterus and fallopian tubes, consequently this can interfere with the healthy blood supply. In males, colon swelling can interfere with prostate gland.

Another very common cause of infertility which is rarely shown on tests is stress. A couple can be otherwise very healthy, but the stress might be the reason for their problems. Sometimes stress is shown only mentally, but sometimes the impact can be physical too: it is shown in a form of skin disease, problems with sleeping or infertility. There is an evidence, that suggests that stress causes the adrenal gland to excrete stress hormones and this can block both not only fertility, but the sex drive too.

Another relatively rare reason can be toxicity. Toxicity can be caused by additives in foods, from medications, either prescription medications or over the counter drugs. Metals that are found in fish can be a cause, and a relatively common reason can be contaminated water. Sometimes pesticides found in fruit and vegetables, and artificial hormones and antibiotics in found meat and dairy products can contribute to infertility.

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