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Fertility drugs are the first line of treatment for a woman that is experiencing an ovulation problem and cannot conceive. Some of the medications for treating infertility are taken orally and others are injected using a syringe. Generally, fertility medications work by causing a hormonal release that can either stimulate or regulate ovulation. Though some medications could actually cause hyper-ovulation and make a woman conceive more than one baby. Even if a couple is undergoing fertility reproduction procedures such as in-vitro fertilization, certain fertility drugs can still be used as part of a treatment regimen.

There are many names and types of fertility medications, but the two most commonly prescribed are Femara and Clomid. These are the best drugs for infertility treatment and have been used for many, many years. Clomid is normally the first choice for treating infertility in women because it has been proven to be effective for more than 25 years. The drug is prescribed to women that are not ovulating normally and is an antiestrogen medication. Typical doses of Clomid which can be prescribed are 50 mg daily for a period of five days and if ovulation does not occur quickly, the dose will be increased steadily until it happens. If Clomid is unsuccessful there are other drugs which can be injected, these drugs also stimulate ovulation.

Such drugs might include Ovidrel, Novarel, Pregnyl, Fertinex, Factrel, Lupron, Zoladex and Certoride. A woman has many different options available when looking into the various different types of fertility drugs, but these medications should only be used after a diagnosis of infertility has been made and only under the supervision of a fertility specialist. When a woman is interested in the best drugs for infertility treatment, the best choice she can make is to consult with her fertility specialist. Because most fertility drugs cause conception to occur within three cycles, many women have reason to hang on to hope. Through exploring some of the various different options and seeking medical attention for a fertility issue, a woman has done the best thing possible to make the dream of conception come true in her life.

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