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Very often, low progesterone levels are responsible for infertility in the women. Low progesterone levels can hinder ovulation as well as cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. As scientific studies has revealed, stressful life circumstances, excess use of antibiotics and consumption of processed foods leads to hormonal imbalance. That can affect ovulation and result in infertility.

Importance of ProgesteroneProgesterone is a female hormone, naturally produced by ovaries in menstruating women and made by placenta in pregnant women. This hormone is important for regulation of ovulation and menstruation. Ovulation is vital factor if a woman is trying to get pregnant but imbalanced progesterone levels may affect a woman’s ability to ovulate preventing her to conceive. Progesterone also helps the egg implant in the uterus and creates adequate environment for a fetus. However, if progesterone levels are low in the first weeks of pregnancy, shedding of the uterine lining (endometrium) will occur, leading to miscarriage. In fact, women that have had recurrent miscarriages usually have low progesterone levels.

Treatment of Low Progesterone Infertility

There are different conventional treatments available that can deal with infertility caused by low progesterone levels. That includes progesterone capsules, injections, vaginal suppositories and natural progesterone creams. Still, many of them are too expensive or entail lot of adverse effects thus should not be used. On the other hand, alternative treatments can effectively manage low progesterone levels.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses herbal remedies such as roots, flowers, barks and fruit of different plants to cure premenstrual disorders, irregular menstrual periods, hormonal imbalance, low pelvic pain and reduced fertility. These herbal medicines are usually given in combination with acupuncture. Acupuncture points that are needled range from the ears, wrists, legs, feet and back but the process takes several months before it can show any result. Another option is to treat low progesterone infertility with herbs in a raw form. Use of raw herbs provides easy, natural way to increase progesterone levels.

Also, there are naturopathy and aroma therapy as other alternative methods for dealing with low progesterone levels. Naturopathy is a medical system that relies exclusively on the idea that the body has the ability to self-heal. It uses natural remedies like sunlight, air and water. Aromatherapy uses essential oils of herbs to cure different ailments. Essential oils can be inhaled or used in massage where they get absorbed through the skin and via bloodstream reach the affected organ. Holistic medicine has different approach. This system looks at the whole person and physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects in a person’s life. Since most women today, decide to have a baby around the age of 40, when they feel economically stable, holistic approach aims to determine the exact cause of infertility and prepare the body for pregnancy. That involves cholesterol-free diet that excludes animal protein, tea, coffee and alcohol, regular exercise and sufficient sleep.

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