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Many people have oily skin, and they know that this type of skin sometimes carries many problems, from too much shine and an unclean look to enlarged pores and susceptibility to acne. Oily skin can be controlled successfully by following proper skin care regimen.

Oily skin is result of too much sebum production. Sebum has an important role in maintaining nice looking and healthy skin, but when it is excessive, it gives the skin a greasy shine and, in addition, the dirt and dust stick to it, clog the pores and attract bacteria.

There are many possible causes for oily skin. Hereditary factors, hormones, humidity, makeup and birth control pills are some of them.

Oily skin care

The main thing about oily skin is that it should be cleaned from extra sebum but there still needs to remain enough of it to lubricate and protect the skin. Oily skin needs more cleaning, in order to prevent bacteria, and the pores need to be unclogged regularly using an exfoliating agent.

It is best to use an antibacterial cleanser and warm water to clean the face in the morning and in the evening.

Facial care products must be chosen with care. It is better if they are water-based, instead of oil-based.

It may sound logical to use harsh soaps and products that dry the skin up, but it is not recommended, as they in fact dehydrate the skin and irritate it, which will only lead to even more oil that the skin will produce to protect and repair itself.

Clay masks and mud masks fork well on oily skin; they absorb the extra oil and do not dehydrate the skin. White or pink clay masks are gentler, while dark clay ones are suitable for very oily skin only.

Aromatherapy oils like lemon, rosemary and cedarwood are especially suitable for oily skin. Products containing benzoyl peroxide are also recommended, as they unclog the pores and prevent bacteria.

Makeup for oily skin

It is important to choose makeup and cosmetic products that are suitable for oily skin. To reduce the shine, it is recommended to use oil-free moisturizers and foundations. Before applying makeup, some antiseptic cream should be applied too.

Makeup for oily skin is designed to provide a matte effect and they block out shine. It is important to pick the ones that to do not clog the pores;otherwise they will aggravate the problem and cause blemishes.

Blemishes and spots can be hidden with a concealer, and as for the powder, it is best to use loose powder, which creates a matte effect and soaks up excess oil, making the skin look fresh whole day. As for the blusher, it is better to use powder ones, that work better for oily skin than cram blushers.

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