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Oily skin and acne

One of the main causes of acne problems is oily skin. Not only do people with oily skin have trouble with pimples and blemishes, but their skin also looks very shiny and greasy all of the time.

People have oily skin when their sebaceous glands are overactive. These glands produce a substance called sebum, which is an oily discharge of sorts and when there is too much of it, it makes the face shiny and dirty, which can lead to acne trouble.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are destined to have oily skin because they inherited the trait from their parents, but there are other things that can cause it. For example, what one eats, whether one exercises or not, how one takes care of the body, etc. Stress and hormonal issues can all cause oily skin as well. Living in humid climates can also lead to such problems. Cleaning oily skin

When a person is cleaning oily skin it is very important not to over-wash the face, and that is actually the worst thing one can do. If a person is washing too much, it will dry the pores and the skin and it will make the glands produce even more oily materials than before. It is good enough to wash the face twice each day, but it is also important not to use regular soap, but a good pore and skin cleanser instead.

There are also products called oil blockers that can help to absorb the excess oil being produced and they can be purchased both as creams or in the form of blotting sheets.

They are good to use on the run to make one's face less shinny, but they will not be able to take care of the underlying problem by themselves, that is why cleansers are also needed.

It is also very important to watch what you eat, because fatty and junk food increases the oil being produced as well. Deep-fried food and sugars cause the most amount of damage.

If you are a woman who wears make up a lot, you should really minimize the amount you are putting on the skin, because this can clog the pores as well. There is make up available that is made for sensitive and delicate skin that is oil-free and water based. This is the recommended type of make up for women that have problems with oily skin.

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