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In order to keep the skin healthy, young and nice-looking, it is vital to know which type it belongs to. There are several basic skin types and everyone has one of them. The skin type is usually for life, although there are cases when a person’s skin changes, usually due to medical conditions, hormonal levels, medications or medical treatments and similar.

Knowing the skin type is particularly important for choosing the appropriate cosmetic products. Using the wrong product can cause damage to the skin.

Normal skin

Normal skin is called “normal” not because it is the most common type but because it simply does not have any outstanding characteristics or recurring problems. this skin type is soft and subtle, shiny but not greasy, the texture and the tone are even and acne and blemishes are rare. This skin type is, unfortunately, quite rare, except in children and babies. Those who were lucky enough to inherit it should still look after it and take care of it.

Oily skin

Oily skin feels moisturized and supple even after washing. It generally looks shiny and even greasy, and it is very susceptible to whiteheads, blackheads and other skin problems. The pores are often clogged or enlarged. It usually comes with oily hair too.

Even though this skin type requires more attention than others, in terms of cleaning and acne prevention, it can actually be an advantage, since it is more elastic and thus less prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

Dry skin

Dry skin often feels tight and even itchy, especially after washing. It is dry to touch and visibly scaly or flaky, easily turns pinkish or gray and reacts badly to harsh products.

Dry skin is less prone to acne, even in the adolescence. However, it ages faster than other skin types, and it is vital to always keep it well moisturized. It is also recommended to always wear sunscreen, even during winter days.

Combination skin

Combination skin includes some of the characteristics of both dry and oily skin. It feels tight after washing and it easily becomes dry and flaky, but it still easily develops acne, especially on and around the nose, forehead or chin.

This is the most common skin type. It is important to treat the oily and the dry areas differently. A product for oily skin can damage the dry parts, and vice versa.

Hyper-sensitive skin

This skin type is usually characterized by fair complexion that easily gets freckles and sunburns. It flashes easily and it reacts negatively even to products that are normally not considered very harsh. This skin type becomes red or develops rashes due to harsh weather or even to certain types of food. Hyper-sensitive skin is usually seen on blondes or redheads.

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