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What are Skin Moisturizers?

Sebaceous glands in our skin produce our body's natural oil which keeps our skin safe from getting dry and scaly. We use skin moisturizers to control the amount of sebum produced by our skin, adding some other substances which help our skin get healthier, attracting even more moisture from the air.

Once we start opting for skin moisturizers, we can choose between lotions and creams. Basically, lotions have a greater water content and are, therefore, more used in body applications. Thus, creams are more reserved for problematic areas like eyes, parts of our skin affected by wrinkles etc.

Before you choose your skin moisturizer, you need to know the type of skin you have. Usually, our skin can be oily, dry or normal. However, taking into consideration that all the chemicals from these products enter your skin and your bloodstream subsequently, you need to pay attention to the ingredients incorporated into the moisturizing product of your choice.

What Not To Choose

Many moisturizing products contain toxins which can be carcinogenic. Thus, you need to know all the ingredients from the list and confirm them to be safe, before purchasing a skin product of this type. It is better to be safe than to suffer from various side-effects of toxin exposure later.

First and foremost, avoid skin care products which are based on petroleum, especially its derivative, benzine, which is a very strong carcinogen. It is used in nail polish removers and other products of this type. Thus, being cheap and profitable, many harmful chemicals can be found in other skin products as well, so stay away from these.

Quite often, manufacturers of skin products are not required to list the ingredients of the unique fragrances of their products. So, you may not be aware of the toxins used during the production of the pleasant scent of the product you are using. However, your skin is likely to notice this, through allergic reactions and other possible problems.

What To Choose

We are one with the nature. Therefore, nothing natural can be bad for us. So, choose all-natural products and know exactly what you are exposing your skin to. Essential oils and pure botanicals are the best choice, when it comes to ingredients of skin products.

Natural skin moisturizing creams are smooth, soft, healing and nourishing as well. Also, these are more concentrated, so you will be using less cream for a more positive effect.

Finally pure botanicals do not clog your pores. Rather, they rejuvenate your skin and renew your skin cells. Also, these are capable of reaching the deepest layers of your skin, restoring its tone and improving its texture. All in all, your skin will be soft, smooth and wrinkle-free.

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