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There is a variety of yams on the market today. The types vary in color white, purple, yellow, ivory, with white, brownish-black or pink skin on top of it. The shape is cylindrical and long with rough texture surface. But with cooking, yams can turn to its firm appearance or to a creamy mass that depends of the type.

Most people like hard taste with very little or more sugar in. There are also very specific types of yams, which are sweet yam or Dioscorea esculent, Hawaiian yam or Dioscorea alata, Korean yam or Dioscorea batatas.

Cardiovascular Disease Protection

If you are looking for vitamin B6 derivation, yam is perfect. Vitamin B6 shatters homocysteine that is involved with harmful action against blood vessels. Homocysteine shatters walls of a blood vessel straight ahead. A great level of homocysteine can cause a stroke or a heart attack no matter of normal or other cholesterol levels. Yams are always good prevention because yams have mineral or potassium, which aids blood pressure maintain.

Potassium annuls sodium which is presented a lot in the processed food. Too much sodium gives hypertension. Eat yams includes intakes of calcium, potassium and magnesium. Yams also has a dioscorin, the protein that aids with problems related to hypertension due to a converting angiotensin enzyme inhibition, approves blood flow of kidney and decrease blood pressure.

Yam’s Connection to Menopausal Symptoms and Diosgenin

Market often promotes wild yam or extracts of wild yam: and those substances of yam promote natural alternative as a female hormonal replacement. But yam usually has substance called steroidal ponins, which are diosgenins. In such case body needs to diosgenin turn into progesterone, which is impossible, but the substance does effect on hormonal patterns and aids in the process of osteoporosis decrease.

Chinese herbal medicine uses yams a lot due to its ability to impact on organ system function. According to Chinese medicine, intake of yam aid female endocrine system and the function of kidney. Chinese yam roots are used as a link to lactation. But the connection between endocrine function diosgenin and yam is not yet proved.

Weight Control

Yam gradually release fiber and complex carbohydrates. The process is holding off sugar adsorption into a blood. And fiber content will compass waistline. The yams are potent with manganese and a trace mineral that aid with carbohydrate metabolism. In most of cases, enzymes are lead and important with production of energy, and are defending body with antioxidants.

Yams are natural source that provide necessities in order to contribute and aid health and remain vitality.

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