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Mushrooms have been usedfor food and medicine for many centuries. They belong to a gender of fungi,even though people often say that they are vegetable or a fruit. In the world there are over 14,000 of mushrooms but some of them are toxic. It is knownthat 3,000 are eatable and 700 have medical qualities. Going in the woods andcollecting mushrooms is a unique adventure, but one has to go with a person whois well educated in differentiating the poisonous mushroom from the eatableones. Even the Gods from Olympus believed in the mushroomcontribution to health and strength while Romans served them only when therewas a feast and Chinese believed that they were health food.

Nowadays, people enjoyin the taste and flavor of the mushrooms. They have become an inevitableingredient of a soup, a salad and a sandwich. They can change their flavor oradd the mushroom flavor to the meal that they are prepared with. You can dowhatever you want with them cook them, fry them, anything that comes to yourmind. Pharmaceutical companies in the USA use the mushroom extractfor nutritional products. If you want to lose someweight, mushrooms have to be a part of your diet because they contain 80-90 %of water and the rest is sodium and fat. The amounts of calories that arein one mushroom are very low. Potassium, a mineral that is good for decreasingthe risk of stroke, and copper, a cardio protective mineral, is found in amushroom, as well as riboflavin, niacin, and selenium. Men whose professionrequires them to be in a good condition reduce the risk of prostate cancer 65% by consuming selenium.

There are three kinds ofmushrooms that are most presented in the nutrition of the Americans, and thoseare Agaricus bisporus, the white button mushroom; Crimini, brown mushroom withthe taste of earth; and Portabella mushrooms. It is interesting that theycontain an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. The white buttonmushrooms according to the recent researches, are proved to reduce the risk ofbreast and prostate cancer. The effect of these healing features in mushroomscan be seen if you take 100 grams of mushrooms every day. In the natural medicine,ancient people of China and Japan used shiitake mushrooms in the treatment offlu and colds. The features of lentinan and beta-carotene that are found inshiitake mushroom stimulate the immune system, are good in fighting againstinfection and reduce the risk of tumor. People shouldacknowledge the benefits of mushrooms and enroll them in theireveryday diet.

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