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Potassium is highly significant chemical element and the third most present mineral in human body. This powerful electrolyte contributes to health in general and is especially important in prevention of certain illnesses. It is mighty protector and guardian of brain, kidneys, heart and muscles. Potassium is mostly present as a part of chemical compound called potassium chloride. Cooperating with sodium this mineral is in charge with numerous significant body functions.

Daily doses of potassium are regulated and there are plenty of food rich in this mineral. The highest amount of potassium is present in bananas and almonds. It is also found in citric fruits, vegetables and grains. Variety of meat such as chicken is full of potassium as well. Milk and salmon are another source of this precious chemical element. Nuts, lime beans and potatoes are excellent source of this mineral.

Being one of the basic elements that are highly important for human body potassium has to be taken on regular bases.

Its positive effects on brain keep the brain functioning properly. Potassium plays a significant role in prevention of stroke. Even people who have had a stroke are prone to present low levels of this element. Memory and learning are two brain functions that depends on optimal intake of potassium. Potassium is good even for those who are under constant pressure and stress.

Sugar levels may be decreased if there is not enough potassium within body. Hypoglycemia and its symptoms, sweating, headaches and weariness together with tremor can be easily regulated by prompt intake of potassium chloride.

Contractions of muscles are regulated by potassium ions which are present within muscle cells. If there is shortage of this element certain muscular disorders may occur. Even extremely low levels of this element in blood leads to muscle cramps. To take care of this irritating spasms one can simply eat a banana and increase the level of potassium in blood. Diet which does not contain sufficient amount of potassium may lead to muscular paralysis as this element is important for muscular strength and contractions.

It is helpful in regulation of blood pressure. In this case potassium acts as an antagonist to sodium which can lead to imbalance of normal blood pressure. Consequently we can say that potassium is good for different heart conditions and hypertension.

Metabolic processes of proteins, carbohydrates and fats always include potassium.

The kidneys are helped with potassium in excretion of toxic substances from the body. Potassium is also important in maintaining the balance of water in human body.

As this element is taken with foods and daily doses are actually satisfied if one is eating properly additional potassium supplements are not advisable to be taken without previous consultation with a doctor.

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