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We tend to, especially nowadays, get informed by the various sources about the negative influence of the sun on our health. Namely, we are told that the sun contains ultraviolet rays which are known to cause many different kinds of cancer. This is true, but there are certain things that need to be stated. All the harm the sun may cause to us is the product of overexposure. Excessive sun can be and is harmful for us. However, sun exposure is also good, when regulated. Sun rays trigger the production of vitamin D in our organism and also help us with numerous other functions. Thus, smart sunbathing is definitely a positive thing.

When to Be Careful?

In order to truly gain from this enormous life-giving flaming ball, one must know when to use it's rays. Namely, if the UV concentration is high, one would lose more that he or she may gain from the sun. It is important to know that latitude, smog, amount of clouds, the weather in general and many other factors influence the healthy aspects of this procedure. In some parts of the year it is safer to sunbathe, because of the previously mentioned latitude, while, for the same reasons, sometimes it is extremely dangerous to do so. Clouds are known to reduce the harmful radiation from the sun for 50%, thus enabling an excellent cover and a sunscreen of sorts. However less sun exposure means less vitamin D3 production. Additionally, when inside your home, windows block this power of the sun to mutate vitamin D into D3, thus you cannot benefit from it behind the glass. Also, if we apply sunscreens with the protective factor 8 and higher, we also disable the previously mentioned ability.

When is it Possible to Benefit?

Researches have shown that the best time to expose yourself to the sun while gaining more than losing is in the periods of 10 AM to 3 PM twice a week, exposing one's hands, face, back and other parts of the body to the sun. If this process lasts no less than five minutes and no more than 30, this is guaranteed to ensure the generation of vitamin D3 in sufficient quantities.

Final Word

One's should not forget the malignant influence of the sun to our health at all times. Long term negative effects are always a possibility and one should be careful every time he or she exposes him or herself to the sun. Tanning beds should not be an alternative since numerous researches have proven them harmful because of the same but larger amounts of UV emission. Rather, one should, as mentioned above indulge one's self in smart and careful sunbathing guaranteed to have many positive aspects.

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