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Sun beds have been around for quite some time and are mostly found in more developed countries. In today’s society, people are busy and simply do not have enough hours in the day to fit in everything including good looks. Unfortunately, the media dictates that we should have a certain aesthetic look which of course means having a tan even though the world today does not have enough hours in it to actually go outside for a healthy amount of time to get a natural tan.This is the reason why the sun beds are designed.

What are Sun Beds?

A sun bed uses artificial light that will provide you with a tan quickly. It has been researched that the ultraviolet heat that is produced by the lamps in the sun beds have the capability to damage your skin and can therefore boost the danger of contracting skin cancer later on. It is a fact that there are well over two million cases worldwide cancers of the skin and one hundred and thirty two thousand of them are malignant melanoma’s which are the most lethal type of skin cancer. Another fact found by extensive research is that out of every three cancer cases there will be one that is related to the skin and of those the majority is due to too many ultraviolet rays exposed to their skin.

The Health Results of Sun Beds

Everyone these days are fully aware that if you are exposed to the sun rays either naturally or on a sun bed then you are putting yourself at direct risk of getting cancer. The risk is however more prominent in the rays from a sun bed rather than the natural rays from the sun because the rays inevitably infiltrate deeper into the skin. Too much time in the UV light will also cause an early development of wrinkles in the skin and a loss of the skin elasticity. As well as that, if you over expose yourself to the UV light then you will be putting your eyes at risk of developing cataracts or pterygium which resembles a white enlargement covering the cornea of the eye and also you can get an inflammation in the eye called photokeratitis and/or photoconjunctivitis. Skin Types that are Incompatible for the Tanning Life Style

There are six types of skin when talking about sunburn vulnerability. The highest risk is the type one person, these people have very light skin and will generally never actually tan instead they will go red. However even if your diagnosed as skin type six it doesn’t mean by a long shot that you are not susceptible to skin damage and worse. It is extremely important if you are the owner of a spa that has sun beds then you make sure your sun bed operator knows how to class the individual skin types and provide the correct usage amounts for each person as an individual.

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