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Sun tanning has always presented a thing of controversy, mainly through ambivalence of its qualities. Namely, some claim that tanning is an extremely positive thing, many Asian and Egyptian cultures cherish this ability of our body from the ancient times while many claim that tanning is bad and may cause numerous skin conditions as well as cancer.

Regardless of the danger connected to the ultraviolet sun rays, smart sunbathing and tanning can certainly be a very good way of protecting yourself and gaining many beneficial factors of it.

Tanning as a Shield

Even though, as mentioned above, excessive sun exposure and tanning is connected to illnesses, this is not always the case. Tanning as such is our body’s way of protecting against sunburn. Our skin cells produce melanin which darkens the skin, creating a protective layer whose purpose is to block the harmful, ultraviolet rays. So, rather than being harmful, tanning protects us from harm. Tanning also protects us from getting sunburns, since people who tan rarely get their skin burnt and absorb sun a lot better than those who have not been exposed to it as much.

Tanning Makes Us Pretty

One of the main benefits of tanning, as most of average people would claim, is that considering aesthetics. When we tan we look younger, our muscles stand out more, all the veins and imperfections we might have on our skin become less or hardly visible.

What’s more, the ultraviolet rays from the sun help us do away with many imperfections our skin might have. Tanning removes pimples, irritations, acne and many other skin conditions. Also, it is the best cure for psoriasis, a skin condition extremely hard to treat otherwise. Additionally, tanning beds are also known to help this condition, so one can be free of it even during the winter.

Additional Benefits

Besides doing wonders for our bodily functions regarding blood pressure and our heart, sun rays also help us mentally, by removing the depression winter and fall are known to put over us. Sun makes people happy and spring and summer are known to be the seasons people enjoy the most.

Sun is also the only natural way for our body to produce vitamin D3 and vitamin D in general. This element protects our bones throughout our lives, especially during old age. However, this vitamin also guards us from many cancer-related diseases, making it priceless for our health.

Finally, sun is free and available for almost all. Those who live in areas where there is not enough sun may use sun beds for their benefit. Anyhow, it is healthy, recommendable and even necessary to expose yourself to sun and tan, so enjoy every ray of that sun, but always in moderation.

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