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Tanning Beds or Not?

Summer is the period when most of us brag with our new tanned looks. This is considered attractive and pleasant for the eyes. All in all, it is a normal sight on the beaches and even in the streets during hot, summer days. Therefore, nobody desires to be pale and fair once sunbathing is on. Therefore, those who do not have time to visit the beaches, or those who do not have that much sun to enjoy it, choose tanning beds instead. These devices, even though they are often subjects of controversy, are more and more popular each year. Even though there are many of those who claim these are unhealthy, there are plenty of people enjoying them, begging to differ. Nevertheless, this choice of either going to tanning salons or not gets a bit more difficult once you are a woman expecting a baby, especially after all these claims and accusations people direct towards these devices. Thus, concerning mothers-to-be, read on and find all the answers to your questions.Dangers Involved in Using Tanning Beds while PregnantFirst and foremost, you need to take into consideration the fact that, once you enter a tanning bed, you will be exposed to abnormally high temperatures. This may cause malformations and defects in your future child, affecting its spine development, especially, during the first trimester. Moreover, exposure to heat makes you lose some valuable nutrients needed by the developing fetus you carry inside.

Secondly, most of us know that pregnant women are very sensitive and delicate during this wonderful period of theirs. The same goes out for their skin. Namely, while being pregnant, a woman’s risk of developing skin problems due to tanning bed exposure is increased. Thereby, you may suffer from premature aging, skin burns, discolorations or even skin cancer, all because of the harmful ultraviolet rays these devices emit. Moreover, you might experience a sun stroke, regardless of the fact that the only sun you were exposed to is an artificial one.

Unfortunately, possible worries do not end there. Severe heat exposure leads to dehydration which may be fatal for your child since both of you need sufficient fluids for your well-being. Your child’s muscles, arms and legs as well as some other body parts may be affected by this deficiency.

To conclude, for these, and numerous other reasons, avoid tanning beds while being pregnant. These are far too dangerous for your health and the health of the child you are supposed to give life to.

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