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Tanning Beds and Health

We have all heard about the dangers ofartificial tanning through using tanning beds. However, many peoplestill enjoy this way of becoming bronze, regardless of all thepotential health dangers which go hand-in-hand with it.

Nevertheless, majority of people wantsto know if there is a way of tanning which is safe, healthy andeffective. Well, there are several ways which can make your skin looktanned and beautifully brown, without being exposed to any dangers orpossible health threats. Read the lines below for a betterdescription and more details regarding the subject.

Safe Ways of Tanning

First of all, there is natural,traditional sun tanning, through the exposure to the Sun itself.However, here, you need to be very careful and wear proper protectionsince sun rays contain harmful ultraviolet rays which can damageyour skin and cause numerous health problems. The benefits of sunexposure is the beautiful tan and the production of vitamin D, makingus healthier and our bones thicker.

Still, we need to be careful since toomuch sun triggers premature aging, skin cancer danger and many otherhealth problems.

As for the sunless ways of tanning,airbrush tanning is one of the most popular methods of all. Namely,the technician sprays layers of tan onto your skin, without damagingit in any way. The tan you receive this way is considered to be themost similar to the natural one you get from direct sun exposure,being an incomparably safer alternative.

Alternatively, you may opt for sunlesstanning lotions. These also have a desirable effect. Still, you needto be careful and apply them evenly. Any excessive accumulation ofthe lotion may lead to dark spots on your skin, visible shades of tanand an uneven coverage.

Finally, there are tanning pills whichcontain pigments which, once you take the pills, stimulate yourtanning. Nevertheless, this method is banned and considered dangerousin many countries, since an overdose of these pills may lead toblindness, uneven pigmentation and other health issues.

These are the most common alternativesfor tanning in the sun or visiting a tanning bed saloon. Take yourpick but do not forget to be extremely careful with every of themethods. Our skin is a very important organ and we need to take a goodcare of it in order to be healthy, even when it comes to something asbenign as tanning may seem to be.

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