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Information on Acerola

Acerola is a tropical shrub which bears fruit. It originatesfrom Mexico and it is known among botanists as malpighia punicifolia. It can berecognized by rather thick green foliage and its flowers bear the easily recognizablepink and white colors. Acerola also bears cherries which are characterized by alively and bright red color. Acerola may be referred to as cereza or semerucoin some parts of the world too. The acerola cherries are widely known forbeing very rich in vitamin C.

Acerola Cherry Health Benefits

Acerola cherry is abundant in numerous different types ofessential minerals and vitamins which all come in very handy when it comes to properfunctioning of the human body. It is rich in vitamin A which is very beneficialfor a clear vision and is very helpful in getting rid of free radicals whichcan be held responsible for numerous different diseases and ailments.

Acerolacherries are an excellent source of vitamin C as well which is of utmostimportance for the boosting of the immune system and the reparation ofdifferent damaged tissues in the human body. Acerola is abundant in preciousnutrients such as potassium which is very good for an optimal blood pressure.Folate enhances the production of new cells and is especially recommended forpregnant women. This fruit can also be used as a potent natural remedy forheadaches because of its strong anti inflammatory properties. The sameproperties make it suitable as a remedy for sore throat and fever as well.

Acerola also has powerful antioxidant properties which are very helpful inkeeping the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood low. Acerola cherries arevery good for those who suffer from numerous different gastric disorders suchas diarrhea, constipation or liver conditions. This fruit is also beneficialwhen it comes to the regulation of a normal metabolism rate and theacceleration of numerous different healing processes. It aids the formation ofcollagen and the generation of hemoglobin.

It can also be a good remedy for theprevention and treatment of numerous different types of dental problems such asscurvy or perhaps tooth decay. Female patients may find it helpful in relievingnumerous menopause symptoms. Acerola cherries are efficient in slowing down theprocess of aging, too. Acerola cherries can be consumed in their raw form, buttheir sour taste may not be up to everyone’s preferences. They can also becooked and be used to make jams or jellies.

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