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Nowadays, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent our children to pent hours every day in front of TV or some video game. Getting them outdoors, especially when the weather is nice is sometimes impossible task, but old fashioned outdoor playing is till the most beneficial for children’s growth and development, as it was decades ago.

For children from age 2 to 12 years of age, outdoor playing is activity that brings them most rewards, mentally and physically. Physically, they run, play, hide and learn about coordination. Mentally they develop various social skills, their thinking and knowledge of world, thing and relationships. Studies show that outdoor playing and imaginative playing are most beneficial in preparation of children for school.

In cases that you do not have your own big garden with high fence, do not hesitate and be afraid to let the children play outside. If you are not sure about their safety, organize the group of kids and, if you want, you can play with them, too. If not, you can always be close to them to make sure that no injuries occur.

It is very difficult for working parent to make sure that their kids are playing outside every day, but if you can you can talk to some of the neighbors who do not work and make same arrangement with them.

Children with ADD (Attention deficit disorder)

Recent studies shows clear relation between children’s outdoor playing and their intentional functioning. Those functioning were observed in a period when children finished playing outside, where they were engaging in some of the leisure activities in several settings. Results of these observations are that children function much better than usual after outdoor activities, and more of those outdoor activities are, the less they have problems with attention deficit symptoms.

Direct contact with nature can boost intentional functioning with children who strongly needs intentional support. Children learn from motion and doing. When children spend too much time with TV or PC, their development of perceptual abilities may suffer. Besides that outdoors playing reduce stress in kids, develop their emotional aspects, as well as their sharing, problem solving and cooperative skills, and betters the another persons perspective, too.

Today’s world that we live in, is becoming increasingly complex and scary, so we must do all we can to prepare our children to function as normal as the can in it. So, outdoors and imaginative playing are irreplaceable for children growth and development. By ignoring that fact, we deny our children the opportunity to develop their imagination beyond the borders of classroom and TV.

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