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Physical activity is one of the best ways to improve child’s health and to help the child grow healthy. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend at least an hour of physical exercise each day. This may seem like a lot, but most children actually do meet these requirements through their vigorous play. However, those children who spend a lot of time in front of TV or playing computer games should be encouraged to become more physically active. This also applies to children suffering from attention deficit disorder, having problems with anxiety or simply having a bad self-image. Regular physical exercise provides a lot of benefits for kids, and many of them are actually having a strong impact on both physical and mental health as well as on child’s child's ability to communicate more freely and engage in various social situations.

Short Term Benefits of Physical Activity

Regular physical exercise can make a child feel more vigorous. These kids will generally look better. Their body will be leaner and firm, and their overall energy levels will dramatically increase. This also means that any kind of stress and anxiety may be easily washed away through regular exercise. Children suffering from anxiety and depression will feel improvement in their mood, and even help them to overcome their fears of socialization. Playing a team sport will help the child meet other kids who share the same interests, and provide many opportunities for involved play. A child will also feel more calm, more relaxed, and will benefit from a good night sleep.

Long Term Benefits of Physical Activity

Regular physical activity delivers a lot of long term health care benefits that will follow the child through the rest of the life. Children who are regularly engaged in a physical activity will gradually develop a stronger immune system. Therefore, their body will be more able to fight various diseases. A child will be less prone to colds, flues, allergies and various diseases. Regular exercise will also lessen the risk of type 2 diabetes, by improving insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism. A child will also have much lower blood pressure and better cholesterol profile. The exercise will also strengthen the cardiovascular system, make the heart muscle pump blood more efficiently and prevent many heart-related diseases. These kids will also maintain ideal weight and avoid becoming affected by various diseases associated with excessive body fat. Their bones and muscles will grow stronger, making a child less prone to fractures and injuries.

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