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What is guercetin?

One beneficial chemical that can be found in the every human body is called quercetin. Our body produces this chemical, which has a high level of flavonoids. Naturally, quercetin is present in many food items, but it can also be consumed through supplements.


Today everything that can be beneficial for the human body is being examined. Every nutrient, chemical and vitamin has to be meticulously examined, because we have to know what effect they have on our body. When it comes to quercetin, diseases like hay fever, allergies, asthma and hives can be treated with the use of this chemical.

Asthma is very often treated with quercetin along with the use of Bromelain. This chemical also has antioxidant properties, so toxins and other harmful items from the surroundings can be repelled with its use. The tests and examination of the effect of the quercetin on the human body are being performed every day, so almost every day something new can be learnt.

Many studies show that gastro disorders can be treated with the use of quercetin. It also causes the blockage of histamine release and elimination of the further growth of eczema flair up. Since it affects histamine, hives can also be beneficially affected. Some studies have shown that the use of this chemical can prevent the development of prostatitis and remove chronic pain from the pelvic area. Treatment of problems called canker sores can be done with quercetin. This chemical stops the synthesis of uric acid and because of this effect, it can be used for the treatment of gout. Since it has inflammatory effect, it is a successful combatant with gout.


There are many foods that contain quercetin, and these include citrus fruit, green vegetables, red grapes, broccoli, honey and berries. Never be concerned about the risk and complications after the consumption of quercetin, since they practically do not exist. But we have to say that use of quercetin supplements has to be discussed with a professional before the start of the treatment. Many problems and conditions can be treated with the use of quercetin. Doctors know best which problems can be treated with it and which cannot, and they will also be able to prescribe the doses which you are supposed to take. We have mentioned that our body needs this chemical, so consumption of it cannot bring any harm. It can only bring some of the positive effects that we have mentioned in the text.

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