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The healthiest food canbe found in the nature is the one of the oldest used is the lentils. This herb is oneof the healthier plants that can be found in our nature, and it is filled withvitamins and minerals. Consuming this item will have beneficial effects and influenceon your body, and in the following text, we will focus on these effects. Thebenevolent effects of this food were known even to the ancient Egyptians. Inthose times, it was used in medicine. The use of this herb can be traced evento Neolithic period, but today its effect is known throughout our planet. Thelentil has a very high level of proteins and it is very cheap. These are thereasons why it is used in India in their cuisine. In India this plant isusually consumed as a side dish. The already stated level of proteins is one ofthe important effects and abilities of this herb. Because of this, it is widelyused by the vegetarians and vegans. Eating only 18 grams of boiled lentils willprovide enough proteins and make your immune system very strong. Unfortunately, the lentils do not have two important amino acids, lysine and isoleucine, and thus they cannot provide us with every protein we need. They are very important for thehuman body, but since this is the case, lentils should be eaten with brown riceor whole grain. By doing this you will consume all of the needed proteins andamino acids.

Vitamins are alsoimportant for human body. In lentils there are many vitamins, but it lacks thevitamin B12, so because of this, you will have to combine lentils with asupplement containing vitamin B12. Doctors states that a person should consumearound 30 grams of fiber during each day. They are good in fighting heartdiseases, and they can be found in lentils. Eating a bowl of lentils soup willalso help with the blood sugar level and intake of iron, making red blood cellshealthy. The mentioned bowl of soup is an excellent source of proteins andfiber, and it has only 230 calories. Eating lentils can be included in a weightreduction diet. For persons who have to eliminate starchy food, like rice orpotatoes, lentils can be a good substitute. Lentils can be used as a side dish,and can be included in the soups, stew and any other similar kind of food,since it can also be dried and combined with almost anything.

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