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Fasting is a religious termconcerning avoidance of eating in order for the body to be cleansed duringcertain religiously important parts of the year. This custom is not connectedsolely to Christianity, Judaism and Islam shares it as well. Fasting isconsidered to be the process of complete devotion to god, to the extent ofrefusal of participating in earthly pleasures of eating in order to prove one'sfaith and purge one's body and soul of sinister substances. Those who practicefasting believe that it does wonders to the organism making it an incrediblyhealthy thing to be done.

Scientifically, if a fast lastslonger than 24 hours, it may be considered as starving of the person takingpart in it. Our organism has its own fat storage which is used as proteinmaterial while the fat we intake our organism transfers to energy. However, if,by fasting, we stop eating and in taking energy-rich substances, our organismhas no choice but to take those reserves and use them for creating that energy,depleting it a lot faster than usual.

Detoxification, proposed byfasting, is supposed to benefit from the lack of eating since it allows ourorgans such as liver and kidneys to get rid of unhealthy substances since theirincome has been postponed during the fasting process. All the necessary bodies,chemical elements and substances we need for functioning daily, are foundeither in the fat reserves the organism starts to use once denied the intake ofnew ones or we get them from available outside factors such as the air webreathe.

Other positive side of fasting isthought to be more successful illness fighting. Namely, since we stop in takingfood and energy, our organism has more time and freedom to concentrate on otherthings except digestive operations it does most of the time. It is believedthat in this condition the organism is more likely to fight illnesses moreproductively than it does when “distracted” by food. More cells fighting tumorsand such are produced and since the malign cells have fewer sources to drawenergy from, they are more likely to be eradicated, making fasting anincredibly positive situation for our body's strength when it comes to fightingdiseases.

Finally, during fasting, our bodyis known to produce more body growth and slow aging hormones, that beingbeneficial to us. Also, our body temperature is more regulated during thiscondition.

All in all, some are for fastingsome are against, but one thing is for sure, it can trigger some incrediblyhealthy things in our body and that needs to be taken into consideration andexplored more possibly unrevealing more positive breakthroughs.

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