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The changein your personality could start with the changes you make in your body – tells aguy. Losing all extra weight he changed his life totally.

Sevenyears ago, he was finishing high school, 30 pounds overweight, shy and lackingconfidence.

Learnto enjoy food, he says. Since he was a little boy, he was always more overweight than anyonearound him. As a kid he never ateanything even remotely healthy: vegetables, fruits, diet sodas. After decidingto lose extra weight, he found some new food he liked – vegetable stir-fries,crispbread with cottage cheese, raw carrots… He is thinking about nutritionalvalue of the food, eating more fruit and vegetables, more whole grain, lesssugar and less fat.

Beingconfident in a group of people was something he never experienced before helost the weight. Lacking self-confidence, he always thought everyone pay attentiononly to his size and never tried to lead a group. Losing weight made him lessaware of how he actually looks. He set up his own creative writing group atcollege, and now he enjoys speaking in public, talking to clients aboutpresentations or trainings.

All histeenager years he wore pajamas and oversized clothes, hiding from the world,but those clothes only made him shapeless and even bigger-looking. The firstpair of jeans he bought after he lost some weight, and after that he started buyingclothes that flatter his body, making him confident.

Exercisewas an ugly word for him. Sports at a high school weren’t his thing or sportsafter school, either. He realized that some of it he really enjoys, likeswimming, cycling and walking, and started to exercise regularly.

Afterlosing 20 pounds he realized that there are no boundaries of what he could change inhis life, and that he could follow through anything he wants. He didn’t want tobe the guy who never finishes anything, so he took a self-development class atcollege, to find out what he wants of his life.

Writingdown everything he ate enables him to track the calories and helped him to losethe weight. And at college, he realized that sort of planning and writing downthe tasks helped him even more, being less stressed and better organized thanhis colleagues. Another form of writing he founds helpful and also – keeping adiary. It helped him through the rough times he had, keeping the chocolateaway.

Losinghis weight gave him the confidence he could help someone else. Now he isfollowing weight-loss blogs and writing in forums and sharing the advices thatworked for him.

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