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It is not uncommon for people who have lost weight to be unable to maintain that weight loss. This is an important step in the process of losing weight but a lot of people have problems with it. A lot of people agree that it is much easier to lose weight than to maintain it. The reason for this are the numerous temptations that are out there. It is easier for people to stick to the regime while they are losing weight then it is to when they have already lost it. However, there are some tips that might help a person achieve his or her goal.


People can only blame themselves for being overweight. It helps a lot if a person weighs himself or herself at least once every week. However, it is best to do it twice, once at the start of the week and once at the end. That way a person will see if he or she had eaten too much.


People need to know that they should not follow a diet that got them to their wanted overall weight. When a person needs to maintain the weight, he or she should intake some 30 calories more per week. By doing this, a person will neither lose nor gain weight. If a person realizes that he or she started gaining weight, he or she should simply cut the number of calories.

Dietary chart

Drawing a dietary chart has helped a lot of people to maintain weight. By doing this, a person will know what food type helped him or her to maintain weight. A person should not exclude any food from the diet but the key is moderation.

Exercise regime

People know how important it is to exercise while trying to lose weight. However, for some reason people stop exercising once they have lost the unnecessary weight. That is wrong and a person should exercise every day. If a person had time to exercise while losing weight, he or she needs to find the time to exercise while trying to maintain the weight. Running, swimming, jogging, cycling and hiking are excellent exercises and every person can find the time to perform one of these.

Binge eating

This must be avoided. A person is more likely to binge if he or she had skipped a meal so it is important not to skip a meal.

Portion size

It is important that a person avoids overeating.


Missing a breakfast should not be an option. It is a fact that people who miss breakfast eat more throughout the day.

A person should also pay attention to the clothes he or she wears. The clothes should not be too tight or too loose but well fitting. It is also good if a person throws away the big old clothes. A person should also reward himself or herself once the wanted weight is reached.

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