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If we were to write a short,stereotypical story about a kid who had troubles with his/her bodyweight it would probably go like the following lines. Many childrenlive this kind of life due to negligence, lack of motivation andother negative factors. Hopefully, this naturalistic approach toreality will serve as a motivation for generations to come. Too manypeople lose their lives or spend them in sickness only because oftheir unhealthy habits.

A Story about a Fat Kid

This is a story about a kid who was the same as all otherchildren his age. He liked to play, fantasize and enjoy differentthings. However, the thing he indulged in the most was food. This wasobvious since he was puffy and cute, as his mother always said, andthe benign extra pounds looked cute on his body.

While other children were listening atschool and paying attention to what the teacher was saying, our herospent his school hours fantasizing about food, craving for it badly,waiting for the break, only for his mouth to reach what he desired.

His mother, once he asked about hispuffiness, told him that this was something that happens to manychildren, completely safe and temporary. Moreover, she told him itwas cute and nice. The kid believed the story. His peers did not. Hewas bullied, ridiculed and called names daily. However, all thiswould go away the first time he ate something after school. The morehe ate, the less pain he could feel.

A Couple of Years Later

As the years passed by, the child seemedto grow not just older, but to grow in every sense. By the year of twelve, ourhero was quite big for his age, with a career of peer abuse andtraumas only eating could take away. Not a single soul understoodhim nor wanted to do so, except his constantly supportive mom.Secluding himself at home during all of his free time, his weightgrew, as well as the plethora of diseases which suddenly startedtaking place. Diabetes was the first. Then, joint problems knocked onthe door and stayed, bringing respiratory issues with them.Hypertension came without even knocking.

All these new friends of our fat kidwere met with additional ridicule at school and everywhere else,leading, naturally, to more eating, since eating is comfort.

By the time the child was supposed tofinish his junior school, he was not able to walk. Mother said thatthis has something to do with the size of his bones and the geneticsin his family, but that he is perfectly fine. Other people disagreed,but other people were not there for him when his mother was.

Finally, one day, after many changesand assisting devices which became a part of his life, during a sunnyday at school, a 150 kilogram child died. One mother was cryingdesperately near the phone while one father was trying to cope withthe voice from the other side of the line.

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