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Do you think that uniforms for school children are smart, or that they are just another way of trying to make the kids look alike and think alike and have individuality exist no more?

Negative Side of a School Uniform

There are those parents that have complained that wearing school uniforms removed the right for their children to express themselves, some say the school uniform imposes a religious look for their non religious children. Other parents say the opposite, that the rule about wearing a school uniforms prevents their children to wear their religious headwear and so forth. There are those that state that the wearing of a school uniform is simply trying to impose a political stand.

Positive Side of Wearing a School Uniform

Now if the coin flips over you will see some of the positives about children wearing a school uniform.

By having the rule set for children to wear a uniform to school it helps the proper people in charge recognize which children belong to that particular school. It also prevents children who are not a part of that school from coming on site. If children do not have a uniform to wear then the teachers are spending much of their time policing the clothes in which the children choose to come to school in. As well as these two reasons, another good one is that children are so overly concerned on their looks that if there were no uniforms then they would probably be putting their minds into fashion rather than on the education. Regrettably in these days and age there is social snobbery, uniforms can alleviate this because children can’t pick on you for your standard of clothes if you’re all wearing the same. Bullying is a part of school life, but uniformed schools have less to put up with. In America especially there are teenager gangs running the streets and the schools and they recognize each other not by name, face or friendship but simply by the color they wear on their hat, shoes and/or t-shirts. So again wearing uniforms to school can help lessen the gang images. The best way to install a community feeling by giving a sense of discipline is by having the children wear uniforms, this aids in the teachers time management by allowing them to concentrate on school rather than putting their efforts into monitoring the violence.

Uniforms or No Uniforms

Forcing children to wear uniforms is simply metaphorically like putting a plaster on a giant gaping wound. If there are problems with kids maybe we should look at the parenting skills.

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