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What is Zeolite?

Zeolites are microporous, alumina-silicate minerals that are commonly used as absorbents (have the ability to absorb a substance in their structure). Zeolites have a porous structure that can absorb the sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and also heavy metals that can be toxic to the body (mercury, lead and uranium).

Natural zeolite occurs when volcanic rocks and ash contact with alkaline groundwater. Zeolite from nature is not pure enough for human consumption because it contains vitamins, minerals, metals and quartz. Therefore it goes through the process of purification in order to be used by humans.

Kind of zeolite - clinoptilolite, which is the composition of alumina-sodium or alumina-calcium silicate, is for human use. The technological process of mechanical activation chops up zeolite to the size of microns, which increases its free surface. This means that absorbing capacity and capability of ion changes are increased. Zeolite microns stabilize cell structure and remove the degradation products of metabolism. Vividly described, clinoptilolite looks like a bee hive, which is negatively charged and has the capability of binding positively charged ions, heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals. Zeolite is excreted from the body by the urine within 6-8 hours.

How Does the Zeolite Work?

The best known zeolite property is an absorbing effect. Zeolite is used for various types of poisoning, because it binds toxins, heavy metals and harmful chemicals to itself and thus reduces their concentration in the body.

Also, zeolite is useful as an antioxidant because it prevents the negative effect of free radicals to cells. Free radicals are formed under the influence of pollution, radiation, and stress. They are unstable molecules that react with other molecules to become stable. In response to this, attacked molecule becomes unstable - free radical which attacks the other stable molecules. This leads to the cells damaging, the development of gene mutations, the creation of cancer cells and damaging blood vessels and ultimately develops the diseases - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, diseases of the liver and other organs.

Zeolite is used for the absorption of bacterial toxins, mycotoxins and other impurities that can lead to diseases in the body.

Zeolite is used to improve the general health and immunity.

It also impacts on reducing blood sugar level and subsequent complications of diabetes.

Zeolite mitigates blood vessels damage caused by atherosclerosis and reduces the concentration of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

It is particularly effective in treatment of poisoning and liver disease.

Anti-cancer effect of zeolite is reflected in the prevention of malignant cells forming and tumor spread. It also impacts on the reduction of existing tumors and prevent metastasis.

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