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Juice Fasting has long tradition among some religious followers. Nowadays, it is not connected with any religion but it is simply done to recover the body and boost immunity system.

Since we live in polluted world where we breathe polluted air, eat food overloaded with hormones and chemicals and drink water that is not pure any more, it is quite understandable why we have low energy levels and we start becoming ill.

Our bodies need to detoxify and get rid of all the waste that we collected in our cells.

Fast food, meat, processed food, sodas etc are all acidic in nature. However, our bodies need to stay Ph neutral in order to be healthy. Our immunity system is trying to maintain the proper balance among acidic and alkaline side and it spends loads of energy to do that. The amount of toxins are bigger and bigger every day and one day the battle will be lost and we will become ill.

We need to help our kidneys to eliminate toxins and free radicals. We can do that by drinking enough water. Juice fasting is also powerful in cleansing organism and helping our immunity system work better.

If you suffer from poor concentration, chronic tiredness, recurrent yeast infections, not having enough will to live and work it is time for general cleaning of your organism.

Juice fasting will restore your health and bring you back energy and enthusiasm. You will see that your skin improved (you will get rid of acne), your liver will function better, your colon will be clean, your bowels will work better, you will lose weight because your metabolism will be faster, you will feel stronger and more relaxed. Even your sex life will improve since you will have increased libido.

You will get rid of allergies, you will lower sugar and cholesterol levels in blood. Your immunity system will be able to fight bacteria and viruses.

The best options for juice fasting are fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices without added sugar.

Incredibly powerful and even known to prevent cancer is wheat grass juice.

Organic herbal teas, vegetable broths, an organic fresh liver cleanse drink, Master Cleanse, and Reverse Osmosis spring water are all highly recommendable to be taken while in period of juice fasting.

While drinking fresh vegetable juices followed by water or other mentioned healthy beverages you will supply your body with fresh natural sugars, salts, enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and probiotics. These will help detoxifying and strengthening your cells and restoring overall health.

Since juices are digested easily your body will not spend energy on digestive processes and will be able to spend energy to bring back your health and mental and emotional stability.

Juices fill flush your colon and eliminate toxins in a natural and safe way.

By juice fasting you will prevent vast range of serious illnesses such as clogging of your arteries, heart attacks, strokes, cancers and so on.

Every person should have periods of juice fasting at least twice a year, preferably before spring and before fall. This will prepare your organism on season changes.

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