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Pomegranate seeds come from apomegranate fruit yielded by a deciduous shrub, native to Southeast Asia.Each fruit consists of around 600 juicy seeds that are of ruby color and citrusin flavor, but apart from its delicious taste the fruit has been valued forits health benefits for hundreds of years. Pomegranate seeds are very richin antioxidants, the chemicals that protect the body from the action of freeradicals and have the power to repair the damage to blood cells. They have upto three times more antioxidants than green tea and are loaded with vitaminsA, C and E, folic acid, fiber and essential minerals like iron, calcium andpotassium. Magnesium, a complex of vitamin B, and even zinc are also found inpomegranate seeds. The seeds are virtually fat free and are low in calories.

Thanks to the high content ofthese nutrients, pomegranate seeds are indispensable in cardiovascular health,meaning that regular consumption of pomegranate seeds or juice protects theheart from disease and prevents heart attacks and strokes. This is partly dueto the blood thinning properties the seeds possess, but they also play a rolein keeping blood pressure at optimum levels reduces the level of cholesterol removes the accumulated artery-clogging deposits, increase the blood flow to theheart and act as a blood-cleaning agent. Pomegranate seeds are alsobeneficial for bone and joint health, relieving the symptoms associated witharthritis osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. They contribute to the health ofdigestive tract by stabilizing digestive disorders and removing digestive fats.Pomegranate seeds are also a cure for tapeworms and are used as a traditionalremedy for diarrhea, though excessive doses can cause constipation. Skinallergies and other skin disorders can also be treated with these magic seeds,which are also recommended to people suffering from diabetes sore throats andthose fighting urinary tract infections.

Thanks to their anti-cancerousproperties, pomegranate seeds are used in the prevention of lung, prostate andskin cancer. They also help destroy breast cancer cells and are suspected toprevent the formation of new ones. Furthermore, they slow down the progressionof prostate cancer. Many people have doubts about eating whole pomegranateseeds and prefer to extract the juice but the seeds are absolutely safe foreating, plus they contain more fiber and antioxidants than the juice. Somepeople chew the seeds to get the juice and then spit out theseeds. Pomegranate seeds are a popular ingredient of many dietarysupplements and extracts.

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