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Introduction to Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is one of the most valued herbs all over the world. Since the dawn ofmankind, there have been stories of the benefits and the almost miraculous effectthat it has demonstrated to have. And, not only the leaves, but the flowers andthe root are used for various purposes and in various ways.

It has been used in culinary, forthey are edible and, as many people will confirm, delicious, and in therapeuticpurposes.

Dandelions are believed to haveevolved about 30 million years ago and have been used as herbal remedy for muchof recorded history. And then, the recipes for these remedies have been passedon until today, when everybody is realizing the beneficial effect of this herb.It seems that, up till this day, this herb has been neglected and passed offonly as the destroyer of fine and well-tendered gardens. However, finally havepeople cone to their senses and realized what a true treasure this herb is.

Dandelion Tea information

The leaves and roots of adandelion, fresh or dried, are used to make the tea. Made this way, it containsconsiderable amounts of vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D and E, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper, boron,iron, etc. It also contains more beta carotene than carrots.However, dandelion can not only be made as a tea, but alsoas salads or cooked (this is more common for the leaves), and can be used inwine making (this is common for the flowers of dandelions).

Dandelion Tea Benefits

There are various benefits that dandelion has to offer, and these are:

It is used to help in the healthmaintenance of people suffering from diabetes.It has properties that can helpcleanse and improve one’s skin.It can be used as a herbal detoxto cleanse one’s kidney and liver.It is a perfect provider ofenergy needed in the morning, and can be a great substitute for coffee if oneis trying to kick that habit.It is known to help reduce thelevels of LDL, i.e. “bad cholesterol” in one’s bloodstream.It contains antioxidants andhelps boost the immune system, so that it may fight off bacteria and virusesmore effectively.It can assist one’s efforts oflosing weight.It helps keep optimum liver,gallbladder and kidney functions.It can be used for treatingjaundice and hepatitis (and other liver diseases).It can help alleviate digestivedisorders, such as diarrhea or constipation.It helps the body’s process ofdetoxification by stimulating urination (and, while doing so, replacespotassium lost).It can reduce inflammationprocesses in the body (such as arthritis or rheumatism).

This tea is, as stated, beneficialfor various things, and through them, it can help one achieve optimal overallhealth.

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