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How important is liver?

An interesting thing about the liver is that it is the largest organ in the human body and that it performs more than hundred functions in the body. Only some of them are:

production of the bile, which is necessary for the process of digestion, control of the production of cholesterol, production of immune factors, which are necessary for the body to fight off the infections, filtering the blood, which means that it removes toxic substances such as medications, pesticides, nicotine, and alcohol from it, keeping the level of hormones in balance, regulation and digestion of fat.

Having in mind the number of functions it performs, it is not hard to conclude that this organ and its health are of vital importance for a healthy body. However, the fact is that there is a great number of diseases and conditions that can affect it, which is why people should not neglect the symptoms that might indicate something is not right. Also, people should do their best to maintain the health of their liver by moderate consumption of alcohol in the first place, by introducing a well-balanced diet and by avoiding to take medications if they are not really necessary.

Which herbs can help in keeping the liver healthy?

Although it is said that herbs usually do not have side effects, there are herbs that should be avoided in certain cases, because they may have a negative effect on liver. On the other side, there are herbs that are extremely beneficial for the health of this organ and among them, the most popular are milk thistle, licorice, dandelion, artichoke and astragalus.

Milk thistle has been known for centuries for its protective qualities regarding the liver cells, but besides the fact that it blocks the absorption of toxins and removes them from the liver, it is also protects other parts of the body from toxins and free radicals. Besides, protecting the liver cells, milk thistle also stimulates the growth of the new ones. Licorice is widely used for its capability of neutralizing liver toxins, but there have also been studies that resulted in proofs about its effectiveness in the treatment of the chronic hepatitis. Dandelion, or more precisely, dandelion root has proven to be effective in stimulation of the bile flow, as well as in speeding up the process of the toxin removal. Artichoke leaves help in the liver regeneration and stimulation of the bile flow. Astragalus contains an ingredient that protects the liver from damage induced by chemicals, but it also strengthens the immune system.

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