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This root is very popular today, but it has been popular for a long time. We will giveyou several benefits that could give you a reason to make this root a part of your diet. Thisvegetable root originates from the South American Andes mountains. The maca hasbeen used by the Spaniards since they considered it to give an energy boost.This root has a name lost herb, since it has been made popular in the developingcountries just recently. It also bears the name Peruvian ginseng, since it isconsidered to have medicinal properties. It can be used for diseases, traumas,addictions and depressions.

Benefits of Maca

We have said that its energy boosting properties are known for a long time. Itis said that Inca warriors used this root before going to the battle. Itrestores energy and provides strength and stamina. Next benefit is the increaseof the sexual impulses. It can be used by men and women. It can help with theproblem of impotency and also increase the fertility in women and men. Viagraof the herbal kingdom is a name that maca bears. Women can use this root ifthey are experiencing pain during menstrual cycle. The use of this root candecrease the cramps felt during the cycle and the general effects of themenstrual cycle, such as backache, headache, fatigue, nauseas, and others.

Next beneficial effect of the maca is the regulation of hormones. It canregulate the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, which is responsible for male and female hormone activity. The maca can reduce depression, hot flashes, moodswings and other problems experienced during the menopause. It can alsoregulate the estrogen levels and reduce the pre-menopausal along withmenopausal problems.

Another possible benefit that can be gained from the use of this root is theeffect on the pituitary gland, which is responsible for sending signals toother glands and organs, because it is the main endocrine gland. With the use of themaca, the body will be fit and healthy due to the effect on this gland, because it will bring proper functioning of the pituitary gland. The phosphorous,vitamins B12, B2, B1, fatty acids and calcium are found in raw maca. The macaroot has a great amount of nutrients, since it also has alkaloid and minerals.

The raw maca can found use as a spice and in kitchen. Along with its beneficial effects on the human body, maca gives a great taste,which is why it can be used for preparation of cookies and cakes.

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