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This herb is popular under the name pot marigold. It is available in Americasince the European settlers carried it to the States where the civil war wasraging on. In those times it was used for making the process of healingefficient and for stopping the bleeding. The flower of this herb blooms during the earlysummer to the fall. This herb has a yellow to deep orange color and the flowers areclosed during the night and opened during the day. We have to say that thisherb is nothing like the common marigold. This herb has many components and theyinclude volatile oils, sterols, lupeol, amyrin, rutin, narcissin,isoquercitrin, beta carotene and other carotenoids and calendulin. For theextraction of the oil, distillation is used. The calendula oil has a certainstrong sweet and spicy, warm and bitter aroma, along with the thin liquid.

Thisherb and oil has been popular even among Egyptians due to its anti-bacterial andanti-fungal properties. It can help with the regeneration of cells andpromotion of skin healing.All skin types can benefit from the calendula oil. When the civil war was on,the calendula oil was used for the opened wounds. Many injuries, inflammation,infections, abrasions, burns, scars, wounds and other skin damages canbe by calendula oil.

The secret of the effectiveness of the calendulaoil lies in the improving of the tissue regeneration and the increased bloodflow in the region of the problem. It can also be used for soothing the skinand as a tonic. Calendula lotion and cream are available, too, and with the use of theseproducts, the skin will become shiny and it will be given great protectionfrom the thinning caused by the age. The use of this oil can help with theprevention of scaring. Without any side effect, it can stop the bleeding andsooth the pain very quickly. Also, chapped lips and skin can be treated withcandida oil. Other purposes include problems like bad sores, chilblains,varicose veins, pressure sores, eczema, insect bites, gashes and scrapes. Thisherb can also be used in cases of children.

Benefits of Calendula Oil

It can be used for scorpion bites and bee stings, stomachache, flue, cramps,fever, reduction of earache, cuts, scratches,diaper rash, bruises and burns, eyeredness and sore eyes, increase of urination,helping the digestion, stimulating the immune system, aiding the manufacture ofcollagen, sore throat, mouth infection, removing toxins, regulation of menstrualcycle, athlete’s foot, fever, and reduction of body heat.

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