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Introduction to overweight teens

There has been a very alarming and sharp increase in the number of overweight teens in the past several years. In order for teens to lose this extra weight they need to focus on leading health lives and increasing activities in their daily routines.

Not only in America, where it is prevalent, but the number of overweight teens all over the world has increased drastically in the last 20 years. This is due to the sedentary and inactive life that many young people lead these days, replacing time playing sports outside with time sitting on the internet or playing computer games inside.

When a teen is trying to shed some pounds, it is important to remember that moderation is important and that they should not lose the weight too quickly, because it ha a greater chance of coming back that way.

The best way for anyone to lose weight is with a consistent diet and exercise program. Tips

A good eating plan for teens that want to lose weight consist of a program that can prove enough calories and enough nutrition for an active lifestyle, which is about 1,200 each day.

Without these calories a person can have a hard time functioning and will feel as if they are starving themselves. A lack of a health intake of calories can also cause the metabolism to slow down when the child or teen gets off the diet, which will then cause the weight to come right back in most cases and a person might even gain more weight than they originally had.

However, when including these calories it is important that they are not empty calories coming from junk food. It is important that are person is eating nutritious food with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

A good nutritious diet can be a vegetarian one. While, a low carbohydrate diet is not that healthy, a vegetarian diet is healthy and just as effective.

If a teen needs more protein then they can include turkey or chicken, but it is important to stay away from fatty beef and pork altogether when dieting.

Fish is also good in such diets, especially tuna and salmon which contain a lot of omega fatty acids that will help to speed up the metabolism and promote weight loss even more.

A good tip in such diets is to take one day off where a teen can eat something that is not a part of the diet. These days off will provide motivation and will enable a teen to have more fun and stick to the healthy diet for a much longer period of time in most cases.

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