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People havebeen obsessing about their weight for as long as one can remember and there areprobably the more diet regimes out there than one can count. However, peopleusually need a quick fix diet and then they are ready to get back to theirfast-pace lives with their fast food and the kilograms that they starvedthemselves to lose will be back in no time. That’s why the only healthy andtruly permanent solution is a complete lifestyle change which includes anutritious diet and regular physical activity. And while not everyone willlisten to the latter advice and go back to choosing a diet regime, it isimportant to clarify a couple of common misconceptions regarding them.

Thequantity of food determines the number of calorie intake

This ispossibly the most common misconception of all. No person undergoing a dietregime has ever avoided checking the back of a package to count the calories.Limiting the number of calories that are taken in through food is one of thebasic diet rules.

However,this rule is far from being the truth. The reason this is definitely incorrectis because the calorie intake depends on the kind of food that’s consumed. Thatmeans that if the right kind of food is eaten in larger quantities, if it ishealthy and nutritious, it will not detain as many calories as will the smalleramount of processed food.

Consumingsmaller quantities of food equals losing more weight

There isonly one word that can describe the diets that are based on consuming barely anyfood and it’s called starvation. And the worst thing about going through thatkind of horror of being constantly hungry, stressed out and with a headachethat just won’t go away is that it isn’t really a way to lose weight. Whathappens when the body doesn’t obtain enough nutrients from food is that itstarts searching for energy sources inside the body and taking energy from themuscles and other organs. Eventually, the whole metabolism will be slowed downand the immune system will become quite weak and more susceptible to diseases.Not to mention that as soon as the diet is over, most of the old weight willreturn in a very short period of time.

Fats arethe worst enemy of a slim figure

Not onlyare fats far from being the worst enemy of a slim figure, but they’re alsoessential for the proper functioning of certain body parts, like the heart andthe brain. And speaking of the worst enemy of a slim figure, those wouldundoubtedly be the carbohydrates.

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