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Many people who have problems with excess body weight think that severely cutting the intake of calories will solve their problem, but they do not know that a diet is not effective since many diets just bring the body in the starvation mode, in which the body loses its ability to burn enough calories. Thus, the calories are not burned and the body is not well since the person is hungry all the time.

However, those who are overweight have a solution to their problem and it is the consummation of 5 to 6 small servings a day. It is recommended that men should practice to eat 6 times a day, while the women should eat 5 small meals a day. When one eats frequently during a day but only small meals, these frequent, small and healthy servings increase the metabolic rate and thus, more calories are burned. Actually, each of the six meals should include high protein foods if one wants to lose excess body fat.

Burn calories with thermic effect of food

It is proven that frequent eating improves the metabolism because of the thermic property of the foods. This happens since disintegration and absorption of the eaten food itself needs a significant number of calories. The thermic effect of food ranges between 3 and 30%, while the protein foods generate the thermic effect of even 30%. For example, when one eats salmon and turkey, 30% of calories are burned just in the process of digestion of these foods. Furthermore, it is estimated that complex and fibrous carbohydrates like spinach, broccoli and green beans create the thermic effect of up to 20%.

The fats and refined carbohydrates create the thremic effect of only 3% and because of that, they are easily accumulated as body fat. It can be concluded that losing of the excess body weight does not depend on how much one eats, but what he/she eats.

Maintain peak energy levels and build muscles

Eating small servings 5 or 6 times a day is very important for the maintenance of the normal blood sugar levels, which can be harshly disturbed by starvation. Furthermore, the energy levels of the body are also maintained high by frequent meals. Frequent servings support the muscle growth by controlling the levels of hormone insulin and by providing a balanced amount of amino acids into the cells of the muscles. Besides, frequent meals provide more efficient use of the essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

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