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What is the main problem with dieting? It is obvious thatmany people simply cannot withstand harsh rules of dieting and tend to let goat some point. Even though almost everyone is aware of the problems that canbe caused by obesity, still many obese people do not even try to lose weight. Whatis the cause of this behavior? What can be shown with weight loss survey and why isdieting so difficult?

The problem

It seems that there are many factors that have to be takeninto consideration when it comes to emerging of obesity and people not being ableto deal with this problem. It is clear that some time and effort are needed toreduce weight and that might be the main reason for inadequate approach toexcessive weight. Most of people simply cannot afford time or money to dealwith obesity. And as obesity becomes more extreme, people lose motivation until they even stop thinking about losing weight at one point and accept the situation asit is. This is where mistake is made!

The solution

People have to realize that their dream weight will not comein the matter of days or weeks. With the higher level of obesity, time neededfor reaching the normal weight increases. One thing has to be clear – excessiveweight usually builds up over years, so it cannot be eliminated so swiftly asmany diets and exercising programs promise. But it is possible to reduce theweight enormously in the matter of months. This can be done for even shortertime, but health might be endangered. This tells us that it is important to maintainthe health status as much as possible, because that is the main goal of theentire weight loss process – to be as healthy as possible and not to endanger theorganism in any way.

This means that physical activity should start with walking, nothing more, and there is surely a chance to cross some distance on foot eachand every day, at least when going to a job, home, grocery store etc. Thissmall step is a great beginning and it can be done by everyone, even those whosuffer from extreme obesity. When the body becomes used to this activity, itcan be intensified after a while, until it transforms into light jogging. It canbe done in the form of spot jogging if done at home, with a lot of variations.When the body reaches the state when spot jogging is not a problem, cardioexercising workout can be done, and even some light weights can be used for somemuscle toning.

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