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Walking or Exercising?

Many people do not even realize theconnection between walking and exercising, considering the first tooeasy a task to be considered a physical activity, let alone exercise.However, this is not true since walking is exercising, when not takenfor granted. While one is walking, his or her oxygen intakeincreases, as well as the lung and heart capacities.Moreover, by walking, you blood pressure gets lowered, and you areable to lose pounds simply by performing this easy and absolutelyinexpensive physical activity.

Benefits of Walking

Apart from the above mentioned,physical ones, walking is beneficial for our mental health as well.Namely, this action is known to reduce depression and anxiety,leaving a person relaxed and satisfied afterwards. In addition, one'sphysical capabilities as well as mood and libido will be increased,sleeping patterns better as well as the overall sense of beinghealthy and happy.

In return for all these benefits, youjust need a pair of good walking or running shoes. These shouldprovide your feet support and comfort, allowing them to breathe andwalk freely. As for the socks, those made of cotton provide your feetadequate respiration and are therefore highly recommended. Weartrainers or other types of comfortable clothes, enabling you to moveunobstructed. Additionally, you may consider having several gadgetswith you. You may bring a music player, a pedometer to measure thenumber of your steps, or, perhaps, something to measure your pulsetoo. Equipped in such a way, you will certainly be an excellentwalker towards getting absolutely fit and healthy.

Tips and Tricks for Excellent WalkingExperience

First of all, breathing and posture arecrucial. Thus, make sure your back is set straight and your chin up.Also, pay attention to your arms and shoulders, keeping the firstrelaxed and swinging while the latter should be kept straight,completing your adequate posture. Only, while running or climbingsomething steep should you bend your torso forward. Breathe evenly andcalmly, taking as much air as you need.

Secondly, make sure that, while you arewalking, your toes are facing the complete opposite of you. Whilestepping, first expose your heels to the surface,gradually advancing to the balls of your feet.

As for time and speed, be your owntrainer. Walk for however long you think is adequate and comfortablefor you. If you are not walking alone, as long as you are able totalk to the person with you, you are not going too fast. Finally,those who have dogs or other animals, may choose them for theirwalking companions, going together into this healthy physicalrecreation..

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