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Why walking?

Walking is easiest and cheapest way of exercise that can be even done indoors. Also a senior citizens can do this kind of exercise with ease and in pace that suit them. Post operative patients are also recommended by their doctors to walk, and you can even adjust the pace, length and scenery to your preferences and physical capabilities.

Tips for Interesting Walk

Always try to have comfortable shoes, and if you by them in sports store, ask for one that are especially designed for walking. Also make sure to wear good type of socks that will not produce you with blisters or such. Pay good attention to your breathing and heart rate; do not overdo it. You should start your walks slowly, and then after a while you can pick up the pace. Always carry the water with you if you are walking longer distances or weather is hot. Maintain a good posture while walking and if you want you can even by a pedometer, to help you keep track of your time and distance.

Top Reasons to Walk

Various studies show that walking is good for your brain. People who walked the easy pace for 1.5 hours per week had better cognitive function and less cognitive decline than people who does not. Also walking strengthens your heart and prevents type 2 diabetes. The various studies showed that walking 150 minutes per week can reduce your risk of diabetes by 58%.

Walking is also very good for your bones. Several researches show that postmenopausal women who walk approximately one mile each day have higher bone density than women who walk shorter distances. Walking also improves fitness. A study prove that brisk walking of three 10-minute walks per day results in improvements in fitness and was very effective in decreasing body fatness.

Also walking is good for colon and breast cancer prevention. In cases, that patients already have a colon cancer, the benefits of walking and exercise can prevent recurrence of colon cancer and speed up the recovery process. Also, women who has their daily walks of 15-20 minutes shows less risk of breast cancer than other inactive women.

Walking can reduce the symptoms of depression, too. Only a short daily walk of 30 minutes daily can significantly alleviate depression symptoms and improves physical function. Research shows that walking significantly improves fitness and prevents physical disability in older persons.

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