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Depression is the one of the top problems of toady. Depression is present at all ages in every social level. It could be provoked by many different reasons. One of the main reason could be a low rate of vitamins in organism.

Very popular and recommendable diet of toady is vitamin diet, which been found as the best defense in the beetle of the endogenous depression.

Some experiments show that people who more often suffer from depression have high level of the amino acid homocysteine in blood. All mentioned element are nature but sometimes can be found some kind of disbalance. This kind of disbalance can be successfully fixed with vitamin diet.

Two approaches in vitamin diet

First approach: Combination of multi-vitamin or multi-supplement.

Second approach: Individual supplements.

Usual depression causes and solutions

B-vitamin, actually, complex of B-vitamin is very important vitamin for proper function of the organism. Failure of this vitamin can cause a lot of different problems such as trouble with sleep, decrease or increase of appetite, issue with blood sugar, and all of these mentioned issues can be trigger of the depression. So, the complex of B vitamin, from vitamin B1 to vitamin b12, is very important to maintain a normal level.

C-vitamin is very important for immunity system and it is very important in the production of serotonin, well-known as the hormone of happiness. So if the level of vitamin C in organism is low, there is way of possibility that depression will be presented. In addition to this, a low level of vitamin C can provoke a different kind of manic behavior. It is especially important and necessarily to take the C-vitamin after the surgeries, pregnancy or inflammatory disease. Vitamin C is the supplement that is disposing from organism by urine, so there is no worry it could be overdosed.

Vitamin D is also very important element for health. It is also very important that level of this element be in order, because some tests presented that low level of D vitamin can provoke depression, especially in the different seasons of the year. The seasons that more provoke depression mood are seasons with minor of the sunshine-winter, autumn and also spring if it is rainy. The vitamin D is element that emerge in organism by influence of the sunlight, so the level of the vitamin D is higher during the sunny seasons. So, taking of the vitamin D is very recommendable in the winter, or sunless seasons.

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