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Vitamin E scar healing properties and validity

Vitamin E can be of crucial importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also has scar healing abilities. The vitamin accomplishes this feat by piercing through various levels of skin and reducing the number of free radicals, which cause skin aging and hamper regeneration. Another useful trait is that this vitamin spurs the creation of collagen, making the skin more elastic.

The scar treating ability is often disputed and discarded as fictional, but a fact remains that it has been widely utilized in the form of oils, ointments, etc, with doctors often applying it after various types of skin surgery to assist in the scar tissue healing. Supporters and detractors of the healing properties of vitamin E when related to scars are deadlocked when it comes to proving the claim. While there has been some notable information in circulation, only small numbers, if any, have been scientifically viable and performed under controlled circumstances. The ones in existence tend to provide leverage to the argument the vitamin has no effect on scar fading, and any benefit to this aspect can be so minor it should be ignored.

Research projects on vitamin E relation to scar healing

Studies performed in the 80’s, compared the effect of a vitamin E cream applied to burn victims after reconstructive surgery with the results of similar victims who did not have the vitamin E such treatment. to heal in an the same manner. Subsequent studies in the 90’s analyzed the difference between applying vitamin E fueled cream and one devoid of vitamin E on minor skin surgery patients. Upon completion of the research, any difference between the different cream appliances was non-existent, with certain cases of the scars worsening for some of the patients that had the vitamin E cream applied to them. The vitamin E even spawned an allergic rash in some cases.

This issue remains unresolved as no sufficient amount of research has been performed. Many factors exist that complicate this matter further, and should be analyzed in future inquiries, such as the amount of vitamin E applied, how old the subject is, the time of placing the cream onto the tissue, the various kinds of scarring and wounds and many others.

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