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Scar Tissue

Scar tissueconsists of fibrous collagen in lieu of normal skin cells. Wounds produced bycuts and similar injury tend to heal in a disordered way, which can make theskin appear uneven and more prominent. Surgical scars are less prone to adisfiguring appearance, but are still visible. Acne scars look similar to thatof miniature „volcanoes” on the skin, but require delicate treatment to stopinfections developing under the skin. Scars are a cause of embarrassment tosome people, but it is important to know that there are methods to make scarsless visible, and even remove them completely.

Scar removaland treatment

How old thescar is can be significant, due to the fact that fresh scar tissue is easier toalter and make less noticeable. Thick skin may be more complicated in respondingto scar treatment, and is less reactive, making the location of the scarimportant. Soft skin such as that of the face should be treated with care, astreatment differs to that of other kinds of skin. Another important element inreducing scars is the blood flow. Healing nutrients and oxygen are carried to thewound or scar through blood, and if there is no correct blood flow any scar removalcan be rendered ineffective.

This isbecause of the vast amount of disorganized skin tissue. This tissue is lessresponsive to treatments and has a more complicated blood flow. Surgicaltreatments may be needed to reduce the severity of the scar. Finally, the sizeof the scar is of significance, as bigger scars are proportionally more difficultto remove.

An initialmethod of scar prevention involves avoiding scars in the first place, bycleaning the wound with antibiotic creams and ointments and not picking onscabs. Rubbing Vitamin E from Vitamin E capsules directly on the scar can aidin moisturizing as well as smoothening the collagen within the scar. Usingcocoa butter is also beneficial, as it will lighten and fade the scars intime. Certain patches and creams workespecially well in treating older scars, and some have money back guarantees.

Manysurgical methods of scar removal exist, including microdermabrasion, laserresurfacing, dermal fillers and chemical pills. While noticeably faster, the downsideof such methods is their price and lack of visible end difference to other, cheapermethods such as natural ones. Surgery can sometimes not remove a scar but makeit less noticeable. Doctor consultation is required prior to any surgery.

Over thecounter commercial creams are frequently based on natural remedies, but are alteredwith artificial ingredients. An example is a cream based on onion extract and mixedwith moisturizers to help skin conditioning, but the onion extract amount isinsufficient to allow effectiveness, prompting continued use over time to work.Natural scar remedies are often simple and are usually not expensive, besides the fact they carry no health risk. Popular natural treatments are olive oil,cocoa butter and shea butter, and they aid in conditioning and moisturizingthe skin. Aloe Vera and tea tree oil can function as natural bleaches that canlighten the darkened skin of a scar and can speed up the healing. Rubbing any of the aforementioned creams must be done for a couple of minutes, increasing the blood flow.

Certainscars cannot be removed, but most fade in time or become barely noticeable.

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