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Vitamin E oil for scars

Vitamin E oil has long been thought of as a miracle remedy for scars. However, in recent years a lot of people are saying that is not true and doubts have been raised.Almost every person who has a scar wonders if there is some way that he or she can hide it or remove it entirely. The thing is, scars are not supposed to be removed. However, some scars can be removed through surgery. On the other hand, some people say that some home remedies can do the trick. Among these is, vitamin E oil, which is used the most. Some creams and lotions that are supposed to remove scars, contain vitamin E oil.

Vitamin E and scars

Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant. It can be bought in the form of capsules and oil. Experts say that when oil is placed on the skin it can penetrate it and obstruct the formation of free radicals which are supposed to interfere in the process of wound healing. When it comes to scars, vitamin E is thought to obstruct the formation of collagen fibers. By doing this, it allows the scar tissue to lighten. Of course, researches have been made, but the results were not even once, positive. For example, in one such study, people who had reconstructive surgery for burns were divided into two groups. One group used vitamin E and the other used some cream. In the end, no positive effects were seen in either groups. Even after the period of one year during which people were using vitamin E oil there were no changes. How to use vitamin E to reduce scars

Even though experts debate whether vitamin E oil should be used for scars, on one thing they do agree. That is that this oil should not be used on wounds. In spite of this, lots of people use it for things like acne and burn scars. There are some people who use it on wounds as well. However, if a person wants to try using vitamin E oil, he or she should use the best oil or capsules available. In order for this to work, a person must use it once per day for a couple of months.

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