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E for health

The vitamin inquestion belongs to the group of antioxidants, which can be consumed in twoways, either in the form of a supplement (i.e. internally), or applied straightto the skin (i.e. externally). One of the fairly recent research studiesconducted by the European Journal ofDermatology made the following discovery – application of 900 IU of thisvitamin was enough to give all the people who were a part of the researchstudy needed antioxidant protection. When it comes to the oils, it is importantto know that these can be acquired at various potency levels. Namely, thebigger the potency, the more powerful overall protection is.


This importantvitamin is easily reachable and found at various health food and drug stores,and mostly in the form of a vitamin gel, capsule and oil, so it could be employedtopically, i.e. externally. There also exist quite a number of differentvarieties in which the vitamin in question is available. For example, one canopt for a common vitamin that is taken in as any other, and it can also befound in the form of oil that can be readily employed in an external manner.One word of precaution – it is extremely important to always take a look at thelabel, for there exist certain varieties of vitamin E oil that have soybean oilas an active ingredient.

As far as the healthbenefits are concerned, various research studies confirmed so far that thisvitamin possesses protective antioxidant effects on the person’s body, and morespecifically, on the person’s skin. In addition, certain studies have revealed itsrelation to such conditions as vitiligo. The bottom line is that, although thisvitamin has positive effects on the skin, there is little chance of itseffectiveness in treating vitiligo. However, research studies have revealedthat this vitamin can provide effective protection and guard a person inquestion against photo aging.

One extremelyimportant thing that should never be disregarded is the fact that vitamin Evarieties are not the same, although it is quiet often thought so by many people. The useof the vitamin determines the proper form that is to be employed. For example,in case of a pill, it is to be taken in an internal manner. On the otherhand, when it comes to the employment of oil, it is to be applied in an externalfashion. Also, one should be on the lookout for the way oils are packed, sincein quite a number of cases, this can prove to be misleading in the way thatinstead of a vitamin E oil, one could easily end up with soybean or corn oil.

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