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The Vimax Extender is a product for penis enlargement. The device has to be worn on the penis for several hours a day in order to extend the penis. The Vimax Extender does not have to be used in combination with pills and patches for penile enlargement.

Vimax Extender OverviewThe Vimax is a popular brand that offers a variety of male enhancement products. Apart from the extender, Vimax products include different pills and patches. One can buy the penile extending device alone or with a full equipment that additionally includes two different types of supplements and guide to penile enlarging exercises.

The Vimax Extender is a device that enables the increase of a penis' size. It works by using traction in order to stretch the penis tissue which results in a larger penis. On the official Vimax website, the device is compared to stretching devices that have been used by tribes for centuries in order to elongate the lips, neck and ear lobes. The website compares this method of penis enlargement with other traction techniques used in reconstructive plastic surgery. The Vimax guarantees permanent results.

Benefits of Vimax Extender

The Vimax Extender is a safe and effective way to elongate the penis. The device is painless to use and offers safe alternative to penile surgery. According to the Vimax website the device has been clinically tested. However, the website does not provide detailed information on these research studies.

The Vimax Company claims that with the extender you can increase length of your penis for up to 4 inches. Also, the device helps to add inches in your penis girth although the exact amount is not specified. Another benefit of the Vimax Extender is more satisfying sexual performance. Finally, the product is able to correct the penile curvature.

For How Long Vimax Extender Has to be Used?

According to the Vimax website, the device has to be worn for an hour a day in the first week. After that, increase the wear time by an hour each week. It is also recommended to increase the traction every two or three weeks. The device has to be used for at least three months.

It can be used alone or in a combination with pills and patches for better results. The Vimax Company offers six-month money back guarantee with the Vimax Extender.

Drawbacks of Vimax ExtenderThe product may be inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear for prolonged period of time. Also, the Vimax Extender is not for everyone. This refers to men with liver cirrhosis, diabetes and other diseases that impair blood circulation. Finally, increase in the penis size can be more efficiently achieved when the extender is used along with other products for penis enlargement which raises the price and complicates the process.

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