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Penis enlargement procedures

You have seen it before. Just check your email. A zillion offers to make your penis bigger supported by claim that it is not big enough. Well, let's face it, most guys would not mind to be mistaken for a porn star and that is the reason why manufacturers of wonder pills, ointments and medieval-looking devices make some serious cash. You probably wondered if it can be done. Let's investigate the matter.

Wonder drugs

A number of male enhancement pill manufacturers claim that that unique, all-natural composition (typically some herbal extracts) causes the penis to gain in both length and girth. No third-party scientific tests that would approve or disprove this claim have been carried out.

Mechanic procedures

Typical penis enlargement procedures include either stretching the penis via manual exercise or stretching devices or surgical procedure. Nonsurgical, mechanic methods have not been seriously studied and most claims (typically, of spectacular results) are merely advertising hoaxes. These procedures involve an element of risk - forceful stretching can cause damage to penile tissue such as scarring, ripping or tearing that may even lead to permanent loss of ability to achieve erection. As there have been many cases of injury and no obvious mechanism of permanent "gain", most experts are wary of nonsurgical procedures

Surgical procedure

There is more to the penis than meets the eye. Actually, a good part of it (one third to one half) is inside the body, where it arches and attaches to the inside of the pelvic bone by means of three ligaments. Surgical procedure involves not the penis itself, but these ligaments. Two ligaments that attach the penile erectile tissue to the pelvic bone are released from their normal position, and the third, which makes the penis arch around the pelvic bone, is cut. Some more cutting and stretching, and the part of the penis that is arched and hidden inside the body will straighten and protrude out.

Whoa, that would be 30-50% gain in length, right? Wrong. Actually, there is no more increase in length than 2-3 cm (about an inch). And that is not all. Postoperative treatment includes months of stretching so that the cut ligament does not scar and heal shorter than it was, thus resulting in a shorter penis than before. Little gain in length and tedious postoperative procedure are responsible for a huge percent of unsatisfied patients. Penis enlargement procedure also carries high risk of loss of erectile function.

Other procedures involve liposuction of the fat pad around the penis that can 'swallow' a portion that is already outside, or implantation of penile prostheses in cases of erectile dysfunction.

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