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Is Ab Rocket Good or Not?

Once of the most common TV commercials,when it comes to the exercising, is the Ab Rocket. It is claimed to bethe best thing the workout world has ever witnessed. Namely, itprovides those who purchased it with a thorough exercising programwhich will put regular sit ups into history. The Ab Rocket works yourabdominal muscles thoroughly, while, at the same time providing youcomfort, helping you lose weight and giving you a massage.

However, thought by the past that notall seen on the screen is real, we are to look more into thisclaimed-to-be-miraculous piece of exercising equipment andconcentrate on its virtues, as much as on its flaws.

Why Purchase the Ab Rocket?

First of all, the commercial promisesyou stunning abs, lean, toned muscles, relaxing massage and numerousother things, all available just by buying this product. It is madeout of comfortable material which provides you support during yourexercise program. With the device, you will get an exercise DVD and abook about certain diet changes you are advised to make if you desireto look exactly as the beautiful and good looking people from thecommercial. This device is quite costly. In fact, it is moreexpensive than any ab workout device you can see on the TVcommercials.

As for the effectiveness of the AbRocket, you might be instantly disappointed. Namely, in order to loseweight effectively, you will need a whole body exercise system.However, this device concentrates solely on your abs, making itharder for you to lose weight. Therefore, if you plan on getting fitand slim as people who claim to have used this device, you will haveto work on your whole body separately, before and after using the AbRocket.

People who have purchased this machineand worked out with it for a while, seemed to be disappointed onseveral different levels. Firstly, they disliked the fact that theresistance of this device was too low. Thus, they quickly becamecapable of enduring the hardest level of resistance the Ab Rocket wasable to offer.

Next comes the massage and overallcomfort. The massage option is a myth, since it simply does not existon this device. On the other hand, comfort is there but it is quite arelative trait of this machine, taking into consideration that somepeople felt good and comfortable using it, while some others did not.

All in all, there are plenty of reasonswhy a simple ab workout program may be better than this device. Apartfrom saving you money while being more effective, there are severalother benefits of not purchasing the Ab Rocket, but, rather doing theworkout yourself. You will not need additional space in your flat,you will get more information than you did with the Ab Rocket, and you willnot experience anything getting broken, worn out, or in need ofrepair.

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