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The Miraculously Mysterious MRI

The magnetic resonance image machine isone of the greatest breakthroughs the medicine branch has everexperienced. It offers a clear and precise image of the patientsorganism, without any physical intrusions whatsoever. Therefore, manypeople are amazed by this device. Moreover, they are puzzled by theways of the MRI, since they cannot realize how it works, letalone how it is made. This mystery can easily be resolved, becausethis utterly useful and medically priceless device is not so complexat all. In order to fully understand several basic things about theMRI machine, all you need to know are several ground rules of physicsand science in general. Yet, this, apparent simplicity does not makethe MRI less important, nor less effective. So, if you desire to getinformed more about this wonderful technological breakthrough, readon.

The Building Blocks of an MRI Machine

There are several main parts of eachmachine of this type. First, there are the magnets. The MRI has onebig electromagnet and several smaller ones. The large one emits mostof the electromagnetic field, while the smaller ones direct it,control it and change its parameters, if necessary. Testing tube is next, where the patient is supposed to lie whenever beingscanned by this machine. Finally, there are numerous computer unitswhich are programmed so as to make this device what it is. Throughthese pieces of hardware and software, the ones who handle an MRImachine can make any necessary changes and alterations in its workingpatterns.

How Does It Work, Then?

Well, the crucial part of this machineis its scanner, inside which the patient is supposed to lie.Actually, the patient initially lies on his or her back on a movablepart of the machine which is ejected. Then, upon the onset of thescanning process, the patient is gradually inserted inside themachine along with the moveable part. Depending on the needs, thepatient may only get inserted up to his or her torso, or the wholebody. Once, the desired body part has reached the inside, scanningcommences.

As for the process, it relies greatlyupon the protons in our, predominantly water-based, bodies. Uponexposing our body to specific magnetic fields, these protons changetheir positions. Then, once the magnetic field is turned off, theprotons return to their initial position. Throughout this process,the hardware and software parts are recording the changes, performingcalculations. Thereby, the image is produced. Alternatively, thedoctors may insert special dye into the blood vessels of a patient,enabling the machine to record it and, thus, show any possibleanomalies.

This device is very safe and is,therefore, the choice and recommendation of many.

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